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Automatic Speech Recognition

Can Automatic Speech Recognition Replace Manual Transcription? by Doug Oard, University of Maryland, College Park We’ve all heard of systems like Apple’s Siri that can automatically recognize what we say and wondered whether we might use this “Automatic Speech Recognition” (ASR) technology to replace the tedious process of manually transcribing oral history interviews.  As with …

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Transcribing Oral History in the Digital Age

Transcribing Oral History in the Digital Age by Linda Shopes Background   Transcribing, that is, representing in print that which has been spoken, has long been established as one of oral history’s best practices. Transcribing is related to oral history’s origins and development as an archival practice with the goal creating documents for future use …

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Mapping Approaches To Oral History Content Management In The Digital Age By Michael Frisch, with Douglas Lambert Almost every traditional assumption about the collecting, curation, and uses of oral history is collapsing in the digital age. This is particularly true for a content management:  providing meaningful access to specific content within and across long oral …

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Visualizing Oral History

Case Study: “Visualizing Oral History” by Mark Tebeau The oxymoron embedded in the title reveals the contradiction behind any attempt to “visualize” oral history for historical curation. One could argue that oral history and, more broadly, sound, are such fundamentally aural experiences that they can’t be visualized at all. Even so, for historians, the meaning and …

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Thinking Big

For our Thinking Big video series, we are excited to have captured several leading voices on digital oral history and digital media.  Learn more about the production of the Thinking Big series here at About Thinking Big.  Thinking Big was co-produced by Doug Boyd and Intelligent Television and directed and edited by Doug Boyd. The following …

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