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Kristen La Follette

Kristen La Follette is a recent graduate of the Oral History MA program at Columbia University. Her work includes her thesis, entitled “A Glimpse Through the Curtain: Monologues of American Catholic Sisters,” for which she recorded the life stories of Catholic nuns. La Follette drew monologues from the interviews and created a theater production that was performed in New York City. Before attending Columbia University, Kristen worked as a transition specialist where she advocated the increase of employment and educational opportunities for students with developmental disabilities. Additionally, Kristen holds a BA in Human Communication from California State University at Monterey Bay. Her prior oral history work includes creating monologues for the script, “Braiding Voices: The Stories of Peacemakers,” as well as her film “Fighting for my History,” which examined the legacy of Robert M. La Follette.

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