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Mary Larson

Mary Larson currently (2011-2013) serves as the president of the Oral History Association (OHA) and has been a practicing oral historian for over two decades. She is the Doris Neustadt Professor of Library Service and the Head of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program at Oklahoma State University, having moved there after working in oral history at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the University of Nevada. She has filled multiple leadership roles with OHA and the Southwest Oral History Association and was the media review editor for The Oral History Review for five years, has been an editor for the H-Oralhist listserv since 2000, and served on the OHA task force which rewrote the professional standards and guidelines for the methodology. Her areas of interest include the intersections of anthropology and history, issues of shared authority, ethics and technology, and rural women’s history. Among her oral history publications are a methodological chapter in the Handbook of Oral History (2008) and two books, Famiglia e Cucina: Stories and Recipes from Northwestern Nevada’s Italian-American Community (2007) and We Were All Athletes: Women’s Athletics at the University of Nevada (2011, with A. Tracy and A. Barber).

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