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Robert Warren, Illinois State Museum

Robert Warren is a Curator of Anthropology at the Illinois State Museum in Springfield. With a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Missouri-Columbia, most of his research career has focused on American archaeology. His interests expanded in 2007 when he received an IMLS National Leadership Grant to develop oral-history interviews documenting the history of agriculture and rural life in Illinois. In partnership with two university libraries, one presidential library, and Michael Frisch of the University at Buffalo-SUNY, the project digitized old audio interviews, recorded new video interviews, and digitally indexed all the recordings to make them searchable. The final step was to make the recordings accessible on a website called the Audio-Video Barn, where users can browse and search complete interviews. The Oral History of Illinois Agriculture project was honored to receive the Oral History Association’s Elizabeth B. Mason Major Project Award in 2010.

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