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Ask Doug - Recorders

Doug has a series of questions for you. The questions are designed to help you think about your recording needs. When you click on each question, it will appear before "Cost" and "Quality." We keep these present so you can constrain the results by cost and quality. If you see a gold star * this means that Doug considers it to be one of the best in class.

Or, ask Doug about microphones

Do you want a recorder that is:
I don't mind needing glasses to see the display because I really want a small recorder and don't really look at the display much anyways
I have awesome eyesight and don't mind a tiny display as long as it tells me all the information I need
I want a display size that is medium sized but one that still has the most important components of the display presented in a comfortable manner
I really want or need a viewer that is large and comfortably laid out
How much would you like to spend on your recorder?
Under $100
Under $200
Under $300
Under $500
Under $700
Under $1,000
Under $2,000
Under $2,500
Knowing that the best recorders have the better preamps and components and they normally cost more money, describe the recording quality that you want with this recorder.
Usable for class projects, but not for professional quality
Entry level, professional quality
Professional level quality
I want a top of the line, portable recording studio
Recorder info will be displayed here.