The following is a brief list of featured resources pertaining to various aspects of oral history (a more comprehensive list of online oral history sites and resources can be found on the OHDA Wiki):

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Linda Shopes: A Very Selected Oral History Bibliography

Back to Resources   MANUALS Mercier, Laurie and Madeline Buckendorf.  Using Oral History in Community History Projects, 2nd ed. Carlisle, Pa.:  Oral History Association, 2007. Mackay, Nancy.  Curating Oral Histories: From Interview to Archive.  Walnut Creek, Calif.: Left Coast Press, 2007. Neuenschwander, John H.  Oral History and the Law, 3rd ed.  Carlisle, PA:  Oral History Association, …

Linda Shopes: web guides to doing oral history

Back to Resources “A Basic Guide to the Concepts, Techniques and Strategies of Oral History,” developed by the Virginia Folklife Program of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities; wrutteb in the pre-digital age so some material is dated, but basic approach is sound; sitealso includes resource guide and sample forms; available at . “Capturing the …

SI Workshop

  Digital Storytelling and DH Part 1: Introductions Matrix: OHDA: Part 2: Sign Up for Will to Adorn and Explore Sign up for Will to Adorn: Explore the site (look at each page of the to navigation bar) Play you can’t break it Chat with others online (through the site) Add a …


Word of Mouth: How to Create and Share Oral Histories Description: Deciding to do oral history is an important step, but other essential choices have to be made, such as choosing to do audio or video or both; selecting the equipment; and how to process, store, and disseminate the digital files. This workshop guides attendees …