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Linda Shopes: A Very Selected Oral History Bibliography

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Md.:  Alta Mira Press,  2000.  This publication is the first in a series of technical manuals published by Alta Mira Press detailing how to research specific aspects of local history, including schools, houses and homes, public places, places of worship, and businesses.


 Oral History Association

Dickinson College

Carlisle, PA 17013

(Georgia State University, as of January 2013)

  • Holds an annual conference
  • Publishes the biannual Oral History Review
  • Publishes a triannual newsletter
  • Presents awards recognizing outstanding work in oral history
  • Maintains a Web site at
  • Publishes technical manuals on oral history, including the standard-setting Principles and Best Practices for Oral History, available on OHA’s website
  • Sponsors H-Oralhist, a listserv affiliated with H-NET; to subscribe, go to:; website also includes links to many good resources.


Oral History in the Mid-Atlantic Region (OHMAR)

  • Holds spring meeting and fall workshop;
  • Publishes a newsletter
  • Maintains a website at; consult website for membership information


Palgrave Macmillan’s Studies in Oral History series

  • Book series that both publishes work grounded in oral history interviews, ranging from single autobiographical accounts to edited and contextualized interviews on a given subject to more interpretive and theoretical studies; for a list of works published, go to:



Prepared by Linda Shopes

Updated August 2012

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