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Firewire: Commercial term referring to an IEEE 1394, a data connection used for high-speed transfer of data including digital audio and video. Firewire is the brand name for Apple Inc.’s IEEE 1394. The original incarnation of Firewire is now known as Firewire 400 because of its transfer rate. New innovations now utilize Firewire 800 connections which allow for significantly faster transfer of data than USB 2 interfaces. For Sony products IEEE 1394 is known as i.Link. Firewire paved the way for transferring video data captured on consumer grade video cameras to computers for editing and production. Although Firewire 400 was common on both professional and consumer grade video cameras, Firewire 800 has not become as common. Several analog to digital conversion boxes utilize the Firewire transfer protocol. [ Audio Glossary ] [ Video Glossary ]

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