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Uncompressed Video

Uncompressed Video: Digital video data was 1) created without compression and 2) not compressed after it was created. 8-bit uncompressed video means that the RGB (or the red, green and blue) values for each pixel are each represented by 8 bits. Eight bits can represent numbers from 0-255. So the red, green and blue values are each be described by an 8-bit number from 0-255, and all that information is saved (it is not compressed). 10-bit uncompressed video means that the RGB or the red, green and blue values can be represented in a range from 0 to 1023. All the data is saved. These video files can be quite large. 10-bit uncompressed video is associated with higher quality and larger data files than 8-bit uncompressed. This is associated with professional level video capture and curation. [ Video Glossary ]

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