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XLR: XLR inputs are the highest-quality analog inputs. The connection is a “balanced” signal. With a balanced connection, it is possible to link analog audio devices, including mics, to a recorder through impedance-balanced cables. Usually associated with professional-level audio and video equipment, these allow for longer cable lengths and reduce the addition of external noise to the signal. Balanced cables have either XLR or TRS plugs. Professional level digitization will usually involve balanced outputs on the analog playback device and balanced inputs on the analog to digital converter. XLR cables transport a mono signal. Stereo recorders with XLR inputs will contain 2 XLR inputs. Single Point Stereo microphones will contain a modified version of XLR, in certain cases, a 5-pin connector that splits into two XLR male cables. [ Audio Glossary ] [ Video Glossary ]

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