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Protecting IP Rights to Life Histories

Case Study: Protecting IP Rights to Life Histories by Peggy Bulger Director, American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress Michael Taft Head, American Folklife Center Archive Folklorists, ethnomusicologists, anthropologists, and other ethnographers have been collecting the stories and life histories of their subjects on audio and visual media since the dawn of recorded sound. …

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Shifting Paradigm-Intellectual Property Issues

A Shifting Paradigm: Intellectual Property Issues for Oral History in the Digital Age by Sheldon Halpern With binary coding, electrons as messengers, and the hard-fought mathematical adaptation necessary for control, we can now do almost everything in regard to information…. And because potential has always been the overlord of will, and as the new machines …

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Major Legal Challenges

Major Legal Challenges Facing Oral History In The Digital Age by John Neuenschwander The meteoric rise of modern oral history from the early days at Columbia University to the digital age has fortunately not been dogged by frequent legal challenges and litigation.  There are many reasons for this but the most significant appears to be …

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