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Achieving Good Audio

Achieving Good Audio Recording Levels by Doug Boyd It is of paramount importance to monitor recording levels during the digital recording of an oral history interview. The dynamic range of a recorder or a microphone is the range between the highest level and the lowest level (the noise floor) of sound that can be captured. …

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Understanding Microphones

Understanding Microphones by Charles Hardy and Doug Boyd Choosing the appropriate microphone for your interview is just as important as choosing the right recorder.  Different microphones serve very different purposes and will yield very different results. For decades, oral historians have been recommending the use of external microphones in order to achieve high-quality results.  Even …

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Digital Audio Recording: The Basics

Digital Audio Recording: The Basics by Doug Boyd In the context of audio, “analog” refers to the method of representing a sound wave with voltage fluctuations that are analogous to the pressure fluctuations of the sound wave. Analog fluctuations are infinitely varying rather than the discrete changes at sample time associated with digital recording. Simply …

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