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What Endures

“What Endures:” Producing and Publishing an Oral History Podcast by Jennifer Abraham Cramer and Erin M. Hess In 2009, the T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History began producing an oral history podcast that can be found on the center’s blog, hosted by Louisiana State University Libraries Special Collections. What follows is a brief synopsis …

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Oral History and Social Networks

Oral History and Social Networks: From Promotion to Relationship Building by Juliana Nykolaiszyn Social networks have transformed the way we communicate, not only with each other but also with the greater public. As the Internet continues to rapidly evolve, the race to keep up with emerging technologies is ever present, even for oral historians. Traditionally, …

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Project Planning and Management

Project Planning and Management by Marsha MacDowell Why collect oral histories and expressions? Histories and understandings of people, places, things, and events are constructed and reconstructed based on information—both tangible and intangible—that is available to those writing, telling, and interpreting the histories and knowledge. Some histories and cultural knowledge can be deduced only by examining …

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